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About Me

Hi! My name is Binaebi.

I’m a K-drama-aholic hobbyist photographer who loves Sailor Moon, Doctor Who, and Jane Austen. You can catch me swing dancing with my husband around the country (that’s how we met), or cuddling with our doggies over the weekends.  I have a wall of loose leaf tea. I make and eat a lot of kimchi.

I enjoy taking photos that tell a story and would love to tell yours! When I take photos, I move myself around to get the best light and angle, rather than posing you. My preference and expertize is in natural light and prime lens photography, meaning I don't use flashes. I avoid poses because I want to capture you as you are in the moment.

Our sessions will be comfortable and fun so you have an experience that exceeds expectations. Let’s chat over a nice cuppa tea about how I can capture your moments!

Photo by Ryan Jones Photography

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